Attain Consulting Services Lead to $25-Million Cable Plant Upgrade

Project Summary:

Comprehensive audit & 15-year lifecycle management plan for aging telecommunications infrastructure


A division of the federal government required an audit of its aging telecommunications infrastructure. With more than 150 buildings and seven remote campuses across the province, the group lacked the internal resources to devote to such a project and wanted a third party to inspect and report on all components of its telecommunications infrastructure and provide a 15 year lifecycle budget.


The Attain Group provided its Lifecycle Management service to complete the project. This included:

  • A comprehensive telecommunications equipment audit to document all existing telecom assets and to assess the state of those assets
  • Verification of standards-compliant grounding and confirmation that the assets did not breach fire codes
  • Delivery of a detailed 15-year lifecycle plan with associated tasks and budgets.
  • An up-to-date equipment record of all low-voltage systems, along with a maintenance process

Work Performed:

In delivering the Lifecycle Management service, The Attain Group examined all telecom assets, determined their presen- day value, estimated replacement schedules and projected the existing equipment’s future costs. Attain also:

  • Provided a report on immediate deficiencies and associated repair costs
  • Identified current or potential health and safety violations and methods for their remedy
  • Delivered a complete 15-year lifecycle management report for predictive costing and budgeting of the organization’s telecommunications infrastructure


Based on the recommendations in The Attain Group’s report, the client's cable plant manager was able to receive $25 million in funding within one week of submitting his budgetary request.