Attain Prevents Wireless Conflict During Tenant Retrofit

Client: International Law Firm

Project Summary:

Wired, wireless, and network engineering and construction management


A Montreal-based, internationally renowned law firm hired The Attain Group to provide telecommunication engineering for its tenant improvement project. Our mandate was to provide all the wired, wireless, and network engineering and construction management for the firm’s new office premises.


Using our provide process, we provided our Real Estate Services - including Telecom Maintenance & Planning, Telecom Tenant Interface, and Wireless services. Throughout the construction project, we worked closely with both the client and the Landlord to ensure that the upgrade project served the interests of both Tenant and Landlord.

Work Performed:

Attain provided the telecommunications engineering (wired and wireless) on the project, as well as acting as construction project manager. This included tendering for bids and managing all sub-contractors related to wired and wireless aspects of the telecommunications portion of the tenant's retrofit.


During the construction phase of the project, the landlord was simultaneously installing a wireless building automation systems (BAS) system for HVAC controls using the Zigbee protocol. This would have created potential interference between the BAS and the firm’s wireless network.

Attain worked with Johnson Controls, the landlord, and the firm to resolve potential interference issues between both systems. The frequencies and power levels on both systems were adjusted and standard distance between devices were established to reduce interference. In addition, The Attain Group established parameters to deal with any possible future interference issues, and this became the basis of an agreement signed between the Landlord and our client.

Both systems were installed successfully and today operate without interference